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Is Learning Mixed Martial Arts Good for Your Child

Getting your children in extra curricular activities helps them become a well-rounded individual. Aside from basketball or boxing, another sport you can try is mixed martial arts. What is mixed martial arts? It is a combination of various martial arts techniques which include karate, jujitsu, judo, tae kwon do and a few others. Since each one takes time to learn, your child will have to learn the basics of one before moving on to the rest. But why mixed martial arts? This is because the activity boosts […]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Krav Maga

If you are interested in Krav Maga but not sure whether to get a professional training in it, these answers to Frequently Asked Questions about this self defense system would help you make up your mind. Read on. Krav Maga as a close combat system, is quite different from other martial arts. While martial arts like karate have spiritual and sporting elements, Krav Maga has nothing as such. It is a pure self defense system created to defend yourselves in real time situations. These basic questions and […]

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Founder of Aiki Krav Maga

Ami Niv has immigrated to Israel with his family from Caucus (at the time- part of the U.S.S R) when Ami was eight years old. These immigrants and especially their children faced many difficulties settling in the country. As a young child, Ami had to face stereotypes, racism, verbal and physical abuse. The struggle of growing up under these conditions has helped him become a mentally strong individual and has taught Ami what are the ‘rules of the street’ when encountering verbal or physical violence. A short […]

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