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As it is known, Aiki Krav Maga is developing rapidly throughout the world as a respectable form of martial arts.

I’d like to address this letter to you with your undivided attention, both as a senior student of Imi Letenfeld and Elli Avigzar, And as the founder of the Aiki Krav Maga method, which is the third organization that was founded in the world, which also achieved International acknowledgment by the “World Union Martial Arts Federation”.

I am an individual that has been training and learning martial arts from the early stages of my life, having dealt with instructing Krav Maga for many years, I have deductive experience in both physical training and martial arts.

I have also been a senior instructor with very extensive experience in all sectors of the law enforcement agencies (I.D.F., police, Sha”bak…)

After the death of Imi Letenfeld and Elli Avigzar, who were my trainers, teachers and mentors in the paths of martial Arts, in general and Krav Maga in particular, I’ve set a personal goal: to do everything in order to preserve the High level of Krav Maga and developing it, as well as developing new teaching methods against the uprising Wave of violence both in Israel and throught the world.

There are many Krav Maga instructors in the world which claim they Imi Letenfeld’s followers.

Throughout the years it has been proven that Krav Maga is not properly instructed, older methods of Krav Maga are still being taught and followed.

With my personal experiences on dealing with reality and its crises, and based on all of the reasons mentioned above, I would like to offer you my services with the self interest of promoting and developing a higher level in martial arts as well As depriving the wave of violence and terror throughout the world.

Domestic security

  • Aiki Krav Maga is effective in teaching kids, men and women how to defend themselves.
  • Aiki Krav Maga is also used to prepare men and athletes in the law enforcement agencies.
  • Aiki Krav Maga conducts instructors courses in all fields of security (police, military and government personnel).


  • Special forces (police and military)
  • Constitutional rights and police officers behavior with citizens.
  • Dealing with technical situation such as hostage hijacks.
  • Self defense for members the low enforcement.


  • Elite unit specializing in counter terror (cts) and in built terror warfare.
  • Elite units (elite units whose main objective is keeping the northern border safe and its main expertise is fighting in extreme weather)
  • To all fields of counter terror units.
  • CTS- counter terror school.

Aiki Krav Maga is authorized by the government and it achieved international authorization and qualifies instructors in the following breaches.

Civilian Aiki Krav Maga instructor

  • Aiki Krav Maga instructor diploma
  • Advanced Aiki Krav Maga instructor diploma
  • Aiki Krav Maga coach diploma

Security – low enforcement and military division.

  • Military Aiki Krav Maga instructor diploma. Attend to the needs of the military
  • Police Aiki Krav Maga instructor diploma. Attend to the needs of the police.
  • Domestic security Aiki Krav Maga instructor diploma. Attend to the needs of domestic security.

I believe as a professional that one must learn, adopt and put to action new and various methods in order to develop one’s self and his surroundings.

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